America’s number one Philhellene

One of the most brilliant US Senators of the last half-century, Paul Sarbanes spent over three decades advocating steadfastly for Hellenic and Orthodox issues and setting the standard for the Congressional ideal.  When he approached retirement from the Senate in 2006, we posed the question, "What will we do for our issues when you are gone?"  He answered, "Make sure Bob Menendez is elected to t

Athens, 185 years later

Is Athens a successful city? Given everything such a simplistic definition entails, I would say that, yes, it is. I also believe that most Athenians would vote it as their top favorite if they were asked to, despite all its ills.

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson slam Greek institute for using actor's name without permission

Actress and singer Rita Wilson accused a company called Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (HICD) of fraud, after it used the name of her husband, actor Tom Hanks, to promote an event where the award-winning actor would allegedly be honored for his work.

Wilson clarified that Hanks never signed or agreed to be in any way involved in HICD or the event they promote.

National Archaeological Museum sheds light on Hadrian's world

Emperor, philhellene, globe-trotter and superstar, a fan of the arts who nonetheless liked to live modestly, spending a lot of time with his soldiers, Hadrian (AD 76-138) was without doubt a restless spirit and a multifaceted personality who is seen as an instrumental factor in the osmosis between the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

Australian Parliament champions return of Parthenon Marbles

Greek Parliament may not have a special committee for the Friends of the Parthenon, but Australian lawmakers do! On Wednesday, Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten joined more than 60 Australian MPs and leaders of the New South Wales community to launch the Parliamentary Friends of the Parthenon group.