Defying Populism: In Defence of Cosmopolitanism

There is just one problem with this narrative: it is deeply misleading. And, for political reasons, that confusion matters.

As the philosopher Martha Nussbaum reminds us in her fascinating new book The Cosmopolitan Tradition, asked where he came from, Diogenes the Cynic answered with a single word: kosmopolités, meaning "a citizen of the world."

Editorial: Better to remain silent

Regarding things about which you cannot speak it is best to remain silent.

One need not have delved into the writings of Wittgenstein to understand this self-event truth which, alas, some government ministers and cadres appear to have ignored.

Their frequent appearances and presence in the media cannot be explained otherwise.

Democracy is our strength

Maybe it is because we are so accustomed to division and dysfunction that whenever a Greek does well abroad, or whenever our politicians, state machinery or institutions get something right, we break free of our malaise and are overwhelmed by joy and optimism.

Thessaloniki professor, 53, commits suicide

Police in Thessaloniki Tuesday were investigating the apparent suicide of a 53-year-old professor who was found dead at his desk at the Aristotle University's School of Veterinary Medicine earlier in the day.
According to local news website, the 53-year-old died of self-inflicted injuries from a sharp instrument.

Every Third Bulgarian Expects a Better 2020

Every third Bulgarian expects a better 2020 than the previous, 2019. These numbers are according to a poll conducted by the Gallup International poll agency.

Globally, Bulgaria is close to the average of optimism. However, when it comes to personal happiness, we are still in the extreme places of the charts, sociologists comment.

Student molester handed 10-month suspended prison sentence

A 20-year-old university student was handed a 10-month suspended prison sentence after his arraignment Tuesday in a criminal court in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on charges of sexually assaulting an unsuspecting fellow female student while she was studying.
The incident occurred at the Aristotle University library last week.