PwC: Greek CEOs optimistic about economies and businesses

Greek CEOs are also optimistic about the recovery of the economies, according to the results of the 24th Annual Report of CEO of PwC, Specifically, one year after the onset of the pandemic, 75% of Greek CEOs, in harmony with global CEOs, express their optimism recording a large increase compared to last year's pessimistic outlook where the corresponding index reached only 23%.

Op-Ed: Rational radicalism the answer to conservatism

By Yannis Magriotis

Our country over the past decades had impressive growth in many sectors and transcended the dark shadows of the pre-WWII and post-Civil War eras.

It became a member of Western European institutions of security and development and it approached many sides of the democratic and developed world.

French Institute Timisoara inviting people to Philosophy Night on June 25

The French Institute in Timisoara is extending an invitation to "Philosophy Night," an international event that has been successful in Paris, London, Berlin and New York and that will arrive in Romania on June 25 in the city that will be a European Capital of Culture 2023.

Bulgaria: Ministry of Education and Science Awards Annual Pythagoras Prizes

Bulgaria's Ministry of Education and Science has awarded the annual Pythagoras Prizes to Bulgarian scientists and research teams for substantial contribution to the development of science. The Pythagoras Prize for a young scholar went to Dr. Venelin Todorov and Dr.

How Peter Handke revived the novel "My Friends" by Emmanuel Bove

The reasons for this could be found in the new era after the war, the new values and aspirations by which the events and stories of only a few years old seemed like ancient history. When it comes to Bove, the reason is different. After the war, in his novels, he insisted on the attitude of the French during the Vichy regime.