The challenge of real reform

The state is still burdened by inactive and loss-making enterprises, which could, under bolder and smarter management, become drivers of growth for the country.

In the case of Hellenic Vehicle Industry, its restructuring also impacts national security.

‘Political correctness’ and the continental shelf

The average Greek naturally feels concerned and insecure about the persisting tension in Greek-Turkish relations.

All sorts of pundits and journalists that are purported champions of the notions of "political correctness" and "equal distance" are here presented with a good opportunity to express their opinion in public.

Need for ICU, ventilators rising, says Turkey’s health minister

The need for intensive care units (ICU) and ventilators are rising, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has said after data showed that the number of new confirmed cases surpassed the number of recoveries in two days in a row.

"We are moving away from the target. Our weak point is unwary optimism. Let's be prudent optimist," the minister wrote on Twitter on June 14.

Editorial: The tourism balance sheet comes at the end

Once again there was an abundance of praise from the international media on Greece's management of the coronavirus public health crisis.

The image of marbles shining in the sun, to borrow the words of the poet, and of packed beaches emitted a strong signal of optimism about a swift return to normalcy and reminded the world of the Greek success story.

Survey: More than Half of the Bulgarians are Pessimistic about the Development of the Economy after the Pandemic

Over half of Bulgarians (57%) share pessimistic attitudes towards the economic development over the next year. The largest share (31%) say it will take more than a year to return to a normal lifestyle, and 9% say people will never return to it. 68% say they would be worried to visit places where there are many people.

The survival of art

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis ended a recent speech in Parliament by acknowledging the need brought up by opposition leaders for medium- and long-term measures to support people who work in the arts. He suggested that funds could be found from the European Union-backed development framework for a "targeted program" to help jobless people in the area of culture.