Exhibition on rare Trebizond Alexander Romance manuscript opens in Thessaloniki

A rare medieval illuminated manuscript on the life and works of Alexander the Great, Codex 5 of the Venice Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and post-Byzantine Studies, has been unveiled in digital form to the public for the first time, in an exhibition organised as part of the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

Philosopher Noica's house at Paltinis to become tourist attraction

Tourism Minister Bogdan Trif said on Wednesday that he will get involved into the house of philosopher Constantin Noica at the Paltinis mountain resort becoming open to visitors. "I have not talked to the owners directly. If the local public administration fails, we, the ministry, will get involved. But normally they should manage it locally. It is a tourist attraction.

The gap and the jump

Greece's progress does not depend only on the ambition, the plans and the actions of the government but also on the magnitude of the reaction and on society's support or indifference.

Narrow Self-Interest: Welcome to the Age of Cynical Voters

In Poland, it is no secret that the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is packing governing institutions with its lackeys, misusing public media, rewarding cronies and undermining the independence of the courts.

Nonetheless, PiS trounced Poland's opposition parties in the European Parliament election in May.

The Art of Saying No

When you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, it's time for a serious self-analysis. Now be honest with yourself. Who told you to work late hours every day? Really? Why do you need to prove yourself? To whom?

Boomerang effect

The government spokesman had a point when he warned that turning the private lives of politicians - including any mistakes they have made or crimes committed - into a major political issue is like a meat grinder and indiscriminate in what it destroys.