Philosophy of artificial intelligence

Editorial: Better to remain silent

Regarding things about which you cannot speak it is best to remain silent.

One need not have delved into the writings of Wittgenstein to understand this self-event truth which, alas, some government ministers and cadres appear to have ignored.

Their frequent appearances and presence in the media cannot be explained otherwise.

Maria Gabriel: Artificial Intelligence will be Part of the Education of the Future

At the opening of the International Conference on the Impact of the Artificial Intelligence on Higher Education, in the presence of Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev, his Maltese colleague Evarist Bartolo, representatives of technology companies, international experts, students, the Bulgarian commissioner, Maria Gabriel outlined the main challenges ahead which faces education in the digita


Every year, we are finding event technology that is way more immersive and profitable. 2018 has also seen a lot of updates in event tech trends that have gained widespread acceptance and are expected to last and grow further in the coming years.

Death is not the end, scientific study claims! (video)

Is death the end of the road? That is without doubt the bigget question that has been on the mind of the human race from the moment our ancestors started becoming aware of themselves. Now, scientists say that the moment we die we are aware of our state of death, as our conscience continues to work after the vital organs of the body have stopped functioning.

Locked in an anachronistic country

?One day, artificial intelligence will look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa: Upright apes, ready for extinction.?

If you watched ?Ex Machina,? which was screened in the middle of the year, you must have registered this sentence.

If you have forgotten it, please note it somewhere.