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World Happiness Report: Bulgaria is Ranked 97th in the World

Bulgaria is ranked 97th in the world in happiness between Cameroon and Ghana, being more unhappy than almost all Balkan countries, according to World Happiness Report 2019, quoted by

Many foreigners who visit our country mark a very repulsive trait in the Bulgarians - always complaining about everything and its pessimism.

Greeks and Jews

A persecuted people who, in their effort to protect themselves, evolved into one of the world's most powerful. Through their constant struggle for survival, they have been shown to possess perseverance and wide-ranging abilities. Solidarity is their key ingredient. They are an example to be imitated.

The Greek people are today saving fighters for freedom around the world

The courage of the Greek people during World War II and the courage of people fighting for freedom and democracy around the world today meet each year in Washington, DC. And when they do, something spectacular happens - US presidents make tens of millions aware, a Nobel Prize emerges, dissidents are released from prison and others are provided additional protection.

Opposition parties slam ANEL MP's homophobic rant

Opposition parties condemned a homophobic tirade unleashed on Tuesday by Independent Greeks (ANEL) MP Konstantinos Katsikis, after he equated homosexuality with pedophilia during a parliament debate over a bill that would allow couples who have signed a cohabitation agreement - including same-sex couples - to become foster parents.

EC Survey: Bulgaria in the Top 3 of the Most Racist Countries in Europe

With the ongoing migrant crisis for several years in Europe, the attitude of EU citizens towards different ethnic groups is changing. However, would they feel comfortable with their son or daughter having a romantic relationship with a person of different backgrounds and religions? This is a question of a European Commission survey of 2015 quoted by Bored Panda and