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Facebook-Partnered Croatian Fact-Checkers Face “Huge Amount of Hatred”

"More or less, it is going well, but the problem is that there is that certain number of people you will never reach because they are simply grounded in their own beliefs for a long time, they reject argumented dialogue," Vidov told BIRN in an interview.

So-called 'anti-vaxxers' perceive the debunking of fake news "as a threat to their agenda," he said.

Facebook Receives Information about you Including when you are Offline

Facebook has announced that it is receiving information about its users, including through external sites.

The "Off-Facebook Activity" feature that allows you to manage information coming from other sites.

The new feature processes data that companies and organizations provide to Facebook on user activity, such as using apps or visits to different sites.

Montenegro Police Detain Pro-Russian Columnist Over Facebook Row

Police in Montenegro on Friday detained a well known pro-Russian journalist, Igor Damjanovic, over his conversation on Facebook with another person who then filed a case against him.

But Damjanovic, who writes for the Russian media in the region, claims the police did not take him into custody over his Facebook jibes at a Facebook account holder called Alija Djukic.

Facebook Donates One Billion Dollars for Affordable Housing

One billion dollars for affordable housing will be donated by Facebook over the next decade. This will happen in California, the company said.

The leading social network is partnering with the state governor and other well-known project philanthropists to build up to 20,000 new homes for teachers, nurses and other workers.