Physical attractiveness

The 15 ugliest nationalities in the world! (photos)

Bad news everyone. You know how statistics and the internet do an amazing job at capturing reality? Well, the two recently combined their powers of assessment and aimed them unforgivingly at your face. Internet dating, perhaps the highest authority on beauty, has just released an exclusive, damning report on how ugly you are.

Average age for beautiful people is 38

Fears that modern society is obsessed with youth may be unfounded after research showed that the average age of people judged the most beautiful is now closer to 40.
Scientists from Boston University School of Medicine compared celebrities who were listed in People magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful list in 1990 and compared it them to 2017.

What makes a woman sexy? (JUICY PHOTOS)

Whether you like or not, the truth is, men are first attracted to a woman who is “In Shape”. They like to able to see a woman her true figure, as well as toned and healthy. A woman who takes good care of herself gives the impression that she is confident, responsible and stable, which are qualities all men admire. Nice Lips is another thing men consider sexy in a woman.