Physical geography

Weather Forecast: Maximum Temperatures between 13C and 18C

Today, the clouds will start to break from the north and will clear to some sunny spells in the afternoon across most of the country.

In the Danubian Plain and in the eastern areas, moderate east-northeast will continue blow. Maximum temperatures will range between 13C and 18C, slightly lower along the Black Sea coast.

Weather Forecast: Sunny with Maximum Temperatures between 24 ° and 29 °

Atmospheric pressure on Easter will drop further and be slightly lower than the April average.

There will be scattered medium to high clouds above the country, more significant in the afternoon, when in some places, mainly in the mountainous areas, light rain will occur. It will blow light to moderate southwest wind.

Weather Forecast: Sunny and Warm

It will be sunny today, with light to moderate wind from the west-southwest.

The daily temperatures will rise, reaching highs of 16C to 21C, in Sofia - about 17C. Atmospheric pressure will drop but will remain higher than the average for the month.

This is the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) weather forecast.

Weather Forecast: The Rain will Stop but it will Remain Chilly

Today, from the northwest, precipitation will stop, at the latest in the southeastern areas, and the clouds will begin to quickly break and decrease. The wind will shift to north-northeast and will drop to moderate. Maximum temperatures between 9C and 14C. Atmospheric pressure will rise, it will be higher than the average for April.

Weather Forecast: Sunny wit Daily Temperatures up to 25C

It will be sunny today, with broken high clouds over northern Bulgaria later in the day. There will be light to moderate northwest wind. The daily temperatures will rise slightly, with highs reaching 20C to 25C, in Sofia 20 -21C. Atmospheric pressure will drop slightly during the day but will remain higher than the average for April.