Physical phenomena

144,000 Lightning Bolts Hit Southeast Europe in Past 24 Hours

144,000 lightning bolts fell in 24 hours in Southeast Europe.

Thunderstorms were accompanied by hail as 144,000 lightning bolts have fallen in Southeast Europe in the last 24 hours.

This shows a reference from  "Blitzortung" platform, which registers real-time thunderstorm activity.

About 1/4 of all of them are on the territory of Bulgaria.

Turkey faces second hottest July in last 51 years

Turkey witnessed the second hottest July last month, according to data by the State Meteorological Service.


For years, the average temperature in July across the country has been 24.5 degrees Celsius, whereas this July, temperature climbed up by 1.8 degrees Celsius, reaching 26.3 degrees Celsius.

According to the data,

Unstable weather in Romania's mountains, Dobrogea, Moldavia, Muntenia; lingering heat in west

Romania's National Weather Administration (ANM) updated its weather warning on Thursday, issuing a Code Yellow warning of unstable weather during the day in mountainous areas, in Dobrogea, Moldavia and Muntenia, keeping in place a Code Red heat warning for the western parts of the country, Code Orange for Oltenia and most of Transylvania and the Code Yellow for the rest of the country.