Physical sciences

Nine-Year-Old Laurent Simons Who Has an IQ of 145 Graduated from University

Nine-year-old Laurent Simons of Belgium has an IQ of 145 and will become the world's youngest undergraduate student, Daily Mail reports. The boy is due to graduate next month at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. with a major in Electrical Engineering, having completed the entire training course in just nine months.

Scientists Discovered Water Vapors on Jupiter's Moon Europe

NASA's Maryland Space Center experts in have confirmed that there are traces of water vapor above the surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa, Science Alert reported.

They analyzed data obtained from the Hawaiian Keck Observatory over 17 observations with a spectrograph to study the chemical compositions of other planets' atmospheres by scanning the infrared light they release or absorb

7.4-Magnitude Earthquake Was Registered in Indonesia, a Tsunami Warning Was Issued

A 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck 134 kilometers northwest of Malaku, Indonesia, according to the United States Geological Survey, quoted by the Independent.

The tremor was at a depth of 62km, USGS reported.

A tsunami warning was issued but it was lifted two hours later.

The quake struck between the Sulawesi and Halmahera islands.

The Netherlands Cuts Speed Limit on Motorways to 100 km / h

Daytime speed limits on Dutch roads must be lowered to 100 km / h in order for the country to cope with its emissions and nitrogen oxide pollution, Dutch media quoted by

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it was an "unpleasant measure" but necessary. The existing limit of 130 km / h will still be allowed overnight.

NIMH: Mostly Cloudy with Showers in some Places - Mainly in the Southwestern Part of the Country

It will be mostly cloudy today. Rain is mainly expected in the southwestern part of the country. Light to moderate southeasterly wind will blow. The maximum temperatures will range between 16C and 21C, reaching 23-24C in places in northeastern Bulgaria. Atmospheric pressure is lower than the monthly average and will continue to decrease.