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Health Authorities took Samples from 92 Spots along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

The sea water along the Bulgarian Black Sea is safe for bathing and there is currently no evidence of impending pollution. This was stated by the chief state health inspector Assoc. Angel Kunchev in connection with concerns about sea water pollution after the spilling of the waters from the "Nova Kakhovka" dam into the Black Sea, BNT reported.

The U.S. is paying billions to Russia’s nuclear agency. Here’s why.

In a cavernous, Pentagon-sized facility nestled in an Appalachian valley, thousands upon thousands of empty holes line the bare concrete floor.

A mere 16 of them house the spindly, 30-foot-tall centrifuges that enrich uranium, converting it into the key ingredient that fuels nuclear power plants. And for now, they are dormant.

Elin, Blue Grid join forces for Attica’s first LNG-CNG station

The Elin gas station chain and Blue Grid on Wednesday announced that, as part of their collaboration, they are creating the first liquefied and compressed natural gas (LNG-CNG) station in Attica, at Thriassio, west of the capital, which is expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2024.