Physical sciences

Four Stations in Sofia Registered Very High Levels of Fine Particulate Matter

For the next morning, the pollution levels in many parts of the country are well above the permissible levels. 12 of the stations of the Executive Environmental Agency report values above the concentration limits.

The air is dirtiest in Sofia Field, where in Mladost, Pavlovo, Hipodruma and Nadezhda the fine dust particles are 3-4 times above the norm.

Nine-Year-Old Laurent Simons Who Has an IQ of 145 Graduated from University

Nine-year-old Laurent Simons of Belgium has an IQ of 145 and will become the world's youngest undergraduate student, Daily Mail reports. The boy is due to graduate next month at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. with a major in Electrical Engineering, having completed the entire training course in just nine months.

Scientists Discovered Water Vapors on Jupiter's Moon Europe

NASA's Maryland Space Center experts in have confirmed that there are traces of water vapor above the surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa, Science Alert reported.

They analyzed data obtained from the Hawaiian Keck Observatory over 17 observations with a spectrograph to study the chemical compositions of other planets' atmospheres by scanning the infrared light they release or absorb