Attempt at a Record and the Bulgarian Trace Behind it: Teenager Flies Around the World

"One of my biggest dreams (along with flying around the world) is to become an astronaut."

Said 19-year-old Zara Rutherford, who embarked on an impressive adventure on Wednesday afternoon. The teenager flew from an airport in western Belgium for her solo trip around the world. It aims to cross 52 countries on five continents in the next two months or so.

Athens Concert Hall Podcasts | Ongoing

The Athens Concert Hall has gone digital, launching a series of podcasts featuring fascinating discussions on music with the likes of acclaimed pianist Janis Vakarelis, widely cited physicist Dimitris Nanopoulos and award-winning pianist Alexandra Papastefanou, though non-Greek speakers will probably find more joy in its concerts.

TOP 10 Attractions to See in London by Queue Time and Price

Are you also tired of waiting in the queue but do not know which London attraction is the best and easiest to visit? We have the answer! We have tested and ranked attractions in the British capital based on 3 criteria: wait time, price and Tripadvisor rating. Is your favourite attraction on our list?

Earth: Seen from the Heart | Online | June 5

The Canadian Embassy in Athens celebrates World Environment Day with an online screening of the critically acclaimed 2018 documentary "La Terre vue du Coeur" ("Earth: Seen from the Heart"). In this documentary, Hubert Reeves and Frederic Lenoir present scientists, writers and artists speaking on the issue of biodiversity and the mounting threats that it faces.

Nine-Year-Old Laurent Simons Who Has an IQ of 145 Graduated from University

Nine-year-old Laurent Simons of Belgium has an IQ of 145 and will become the world's youngest undergraduate student, Daily Mail reports. The boy is due to graduate next month at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. with a major in Electrical Engineering, having completed the entire training course in just nine months.