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Dacia displaying five models and one of most inviting Paris Motor Show 2018 stands

AGERPRES special correspondent in Paris, France, George Onea reports:

In this year's Paris Motor Show edition, Dacia is displaying five models at in one of the most inviting and stylish stands.

The showcased models are Logan MCV, Lodgy Stepway, Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Duster, with the latest including the new 1.3 TCe petrol engine introduced in Paris.

Ford to import Focus small car from China for first time

Ford Motor Co. will export vehicles from China to the U.S. for the first time starting in 2019.

Ford said on June 20 it plans to move production of its Ford Focus small car from the U.S. to China, where it already makes the Focus for Chinese buyers.

Sales of small cars have dropped sharply in the U.S. and companies are seeking to cut costs making them.

Toyota turns the HiLux pickup into a Tonka truck for the young at heart

One of the most brutally disappointing aspects of growing up is realizing the Tonka trucks you played with as a child aren’t street-legal. Members of Toyota’s Australian division must feel the same way, because they’ve worked day and night to transform the HiLux pickup truck into a real-life, full-size Tonka that starts and drives.

The woman or the car? Fashion designer uses auto upholstery to make gowns as sexy as new cars

There’s nothing like the smell of a new car to make a man’s heart beat faster… but now, the idea is taken to a whole new level with one auto supplier proving “ready to wear” clothes made using upholstery.

Inteva Products commissioned the creation of four cars using the same thermoplastic material used on the instrument panel surfaces of some General Motors vehicles.