Shortsea shipping event in Piraeus in June

The annual Shortsea Shipping Days event, a European Shortsea Network (ESN) project, is this year taking place in Greece, with the Shortsea Promotion Center in Greece organizing the conference "Shortsea: Challenges Ahead" in Piraeus on June 13. Held under the auspices of ESN, the event aims to highlight the challenges and new opportunities shortsea shipping faces at the European level.

Korydallos Prison inmate hangs himself

An inmate at the Greek capital's Korydallos Prison reportedly hung himself in his cell on Friday while waiting to be transferred to a different facility.

The 61-year-old was being held temporarily at the prison's psychiatric wing as transfers between prisons have been suspended until after the European and local elections at the end of the month.

Two cars, campaign center set on fire

Two cars and a political campaign center were torched in separate incidents in the Attica area in the early hours of Friday, Skai reported.

Police were alerted to the first fire at 2.34 a.m., when a car was set alight on Papanastasiou Street in the Piraeus suburb of Keratsisni. About 10 minutes later, a second vehicle burst into flames in Acharnon, northwest of Athens.

Museum Day | Greece | May 18

This Saturday, May 18, is International Museum Day and a great opportunity to take advantage of the free admission policy at all of Greece's archaeological sites, historical monuments and museums. Several institutions are also planning special events to mark the occasion.

Drapetsona a step closer to getting a park

The Attica Regional Council has expropriated a 20-hectare plot belonging to the National Bank of Greece, paving the way for Piraeus' Drapetsona suburb to get its first proper park.
Along with several parcels of land already owned by the municipality, the new plot is seen as the necessary addition to launch an ambitious overhaul of an area that once housed a waste treatment plant.

Supreme Court prosecutor intervenes in Koufodinas case

As a Greek judicial council on Friday turned down an appeal for a fresh furlough by convicted November 17 hitman Dimitris Koufodinas, Supreme Court prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou said she would be reviewing the decision.

She also requested for Koufodinas' medical record and the report compiled by the social worker overseeing the jailed terrorist at the Volos prison in central Greece.

Probe under way into rejected appeals of cancer patients in prison

Supreme Court Prosecutor Xeni Dimitriou has asked the authorities of the capital's high-security Korydallos Prison to hand over medical files and documents relating to two cancer patients who reportedly had their appeals for early release refused despite reports of their dramatically deteriorating health.