The Independent: Attempt to Turn Bulgarian National Park into Ski Resort Defeated in Court

Environmentalists have achieved a major victory after a court battle to stop a Bulgarian national park being turned into a ski resort, reported the Independent. 

Bulgaria's top court ruled that Pirin National Park, a world heritage site and home to bears and wolves, must be protected from development.

Not even Marc Girardelli will Stop the Protests in Defense of Pirin

In front of the Council of Ministers, the protests of environmentalists are resumed after the news that Marc Girardelli is the owner of the concession company of the Bansko ski area.

This morning activists came with skiing and other winter equipment in the triangle of power.

Conditions for Hiking in the Bulgarian Mountains are Bad

The conditions for hiking in the mountains are bad, Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) announced to the Bulgarian Red Cross.
Ski and hiking conditions are not suitable anywhere because of the bad weather in the high mountains except Pirin. The overgrown belt is foggy, low in temperature and in most places there is a very strong wind.

Ski Legend Mark Ghirardelli Claims to be the Majority Owner of Yulen AD, Nature Reserve in Pirin National Park

The five-time World Cup winner and four times World Ski Champion Mark Ghirardelli announced at a meeting with several ministers that he is the majority owner of Yulen AD. He showed original documents from which it could be seen that he owned 100% of Tax Services Limited, which is the majority owner of Yulen AD. This is stated in a press release from the Ministry of Environment and Water.