The Condition of the Injured in the Accident on the “Struma” Highway is Stable

Tragedy on "Struma" Highway: Passenger Bus Caught Fire, Leaving at least 46 Dead Including Children

The 7 survivors of the burned bus were accommodated in "Pirogov" with varying degrees of burns, one with a fracture. Earlier, the Prime Minister of RNM Zoran Zaev and the Ministers of Health and Foreign Affairs of our western neighbor were in the hospital.

7 People from the Accident on “Struma” Highway Admitted to “Pirogov”, No Danger to their Lives

Tragedy on "Struma" Highway: Passenger Bus Caught Fire, Leaving at least 45 Dead Including Children

7 people from the severe accident on the "Struma" Highway have been admitted to the Pirogov Hospital, there is no danger to their lives. This was announced by the press center of the medical institution.

Bulgarian Economist Vladimir Karolev has Passed Away

After a long struggle to save his life, this morning, around 01.00 in "Tokuda", the economist Vladimir Karolev died, the hospital announced.

The economist died at the age of 60 after failing to recover from a severe fall in Pirin on May 8th.

In September, he was transferred from Pirogov to Tokuda, where they continued to fight for his life. He spent half a year in a coma.

Pirogov Hospital Must Return 1 Million due to Violations

The Sofia-based Pirogov Hospital for emergency treatment must return to the National Health Insurance Fund nearly 1 million and 37 thousand BGN /530 thousand euros/ due to violations established during an inspection in the medical institution for the period May 28-July 10, the press center of the Fund announced.

Outgoing PM Borisov Has Undergone Surgery after Knee Injury

The outgoing Prime Minister Boyko Borisov was admitted today in "Pirogov" hospital for MRI scan of the knee after an injury.

Borisov was first spotted entering Pirogov with escorts. Photos appeared on the "Spotted in Sofia" Facebook page.

An MRI of his knee was performed there, confirmed by the GERB press center.

CEO of Pirogov Emergency Hospital: We Are Working at Our Limits Now, More Stringent Measures Are Imminent

"Our hospital is now working at its limits and the authorities need to think about more stringent measures to prevent hospitals from being overburdened. Perhaps we should already take care of younger children. Unfortunately, maybe even the kindergartens should be closed temporarily. The number of newly infected small patients continues to swell" CEO of Pirogov emergency hospital  Prof.

Bulgaria: Opening of Additional Vaccination Slots Gave Amazing Effect, 16,000 Inoculated over Weekend

During the weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, 1,950 patients were vaccinated with AstraZeneca in Pirogov emergency hospital," Prof. Asen Baltov, director of the medical institution, said at a briefing. By comparison, he pointed out that 4,200 were vaccinated from December 27 to this weekend, with 1,250 with a second dose.