Rabbi who took shelter in Istanbul mosque returns home

A rabbi who took shelter in a Turkish mosque during a massive snowstorm in Istanbul that ravaged the Turkish metropolis a few days ago has finally arrived in his native Israel.

Israel Elbom, a 62-year-old rabbi and kashrut supervisor who was on a work assignment in Istanbul, was brought to a mosque by security forces after being stranded on a highway for half a day.

Heavy Snow Blankets, Stops Life in, Istanbul

Heavy snow in Turkey that started on Sunday night has brought life in Istanbul and Turkish Thrace to a standstill. Schools were cancelled, university exams postponed and all flights at Istanbul Airport were cancelled.

The snow is expected to continue on Monday and Tuesday especially on the European side of Istanbul and Turkish Thrace.

Turkish province Hatay’s mosaics on display abroad

Some 200 mosaics unearthed in the southern province of Hatay during archaeological excavations conducted by a commission set up before 1939, the year when the city joined the Turkish Republic, are exhibited abroad, as the artifacts found were shared among the commission members, says Hatice Pamir from Mustafa Kemal University's Archaeology Department.