Plamen Oresharski

Bulgarian Protests Revive Memories of 2013 Upheavals

Although they did not attract more than a few hundred people each, latest protests over the fuel prices drew alarmed reactions from the governing coalition on Monday.

Bulgarians from over 30 towns and cities took to the streets and blocked roads on Sunday to protest over rising fuel prices and changes to vehicle transport legislation.

The Repairs of the Winter Palace of Sport will Cost Nearly BGN 5 Million

The estimated value of the renovation of the Winter Palace of Sport in the capital is BGN 4 million excluding VAT (4.8 million with VAT). The state company Akademika 2011 EAD, which manages the facility, is expected to announce a public deal for the selection of a contractor. Reports SEGA. 

Christian Takov Dies Aged 51

Professor of Sofia University and Associate Professor of Civil Law Christian Takov has died, his family said.

"On July 11, at age 51, Christian Takov has died. He was a person with a huge soul, heart, power and intellect, who remained unrelenting to injustice, we all who loved him are mourning, the date of the service will be specified" clarified a message from his relatives.

Bulgaria PM Returns Govt Mandate to President

Bulgaria's outgoing Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has returned the mandate to form a government on Friday after receiving it from President Rosen Plevneliev.

Borisov has only kept the mandate for less than a minute.

He has made clear his party, GERB, which is the biggest in Parliament, will not seek a new cabinet within the current legislature.

Bulgaria's Presidential Election: Who Backs Whom

As Bulgarians are heading to the polls on Sunday, they will vote for President based on what they saw and heard in five weeks of campaigning.

Support from parties and candidates who fared well in the election's first round, however, may also play a part in this decision as some of these have endorsed or indicated preference for either of the candidates.

DPS Voters Increase Bulgarian Presidential Candidate Radev's Lead to 49.6%

The independent candidate supported by BSP for President Rumen Radev receives the vote of 49.6% of the voters on the eve of the second round of elections on Sunday.

A total of 39.1% of voters will vote for GERB's candidate Tsetska Tsacheva, showed data of Alpha Research. 11.3% of the participants of the survey stated that they will not vote.