Bulgarian Church Leader Insists Sacraments Cannot Transmit Coronavirus

Metropolitan Neofit of Sofia, the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, has drawn anger - and some ridicule - after his office said church services would continue in the country - despite concerns about transmission of the coronavirus - as the holy sacraments could not possibly transmit a disease.

4 Cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria - Confirmed

Four cases of coronavirus are confirmed in Bulgaria.

This was announced at an emergency briefing by the National Operations Headquarters. The samples of a 75-year-old woman in Gabrovo and a 27-year-old man in Pleven have been confirmed. In addition, a 61-year-old man from Pleven, who has pulmonary problems, as well as a medical officer at a hospital in Gabrovo, are positive.

The First Two Cases of Coronavirus in Bulgaria were Registered

The first two cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria were registered. This was confirmed by the National Operations Headquarters at an emergency briefing at midnight. It is a 27-year-old patient from Pleven and a 75-year-old patient from Gabrovo. People who have been in contact with them in recent days will also be quarantined.

Trend: Local Elections 2019 Vote Turnout

Trend Agency presented exit poll data for the turnout in some of the district cities that elect its mayors on Sunday. The figures were presented by sociologist Dimitar Ganev on the air of NOVA Sunday.

Here are how many of the eligible voters went to the ballot box:

Sofia - 26.3%

Plovdiv - 20,9%

Varna - 19.3%

Pleven - 27.3%

Rousse - 25.7%

Council of Ministers to Allocate BGN 200 million Additional For Hospital Care From 2020 (Summary)

More than BGN 200 million will be allocated for hospital care by 2020, the government announced. This happened after a meeting at the Council of Ministers with the CITUB and the Health Minister Kiril Ananiyev and against the background of a national protest by medical professionals.