Police brutality

Mitsotakis meets with islands’ officials as Lesvos lawyers file lawsuit charging riot police violence

The deployment of hundreds of riot police on the islands of Lesvos and Chios was intended as a display of governmental decisiveness in building closed detention centres to house migrants and refugees, but the operation boomeranged with dramatic clashes between islanders and police receiving intense media coverage and mutual recriminations between protesting residents who charged extensive polic

New police raids to empty squats reclaimed by anarchists

A police operation was underway on Saturday to remove anarchists from two recently evacuated squats in the district of Koukaki in central Athens.

The buildings on 45 Matrozou and 21 Panetolikou Streets had been cleared by riot police in a sweeping operation on December 18 last year, but anarchists returned on Saturday afternoon, according to media reports.

Protest in front of Macron’s Party Headquarters

French police used tear gas to disperse protesters in front of President Emmanuel Macron's party headquarters, DPA and BTA reported. The protest was held against the background of the ongoing strike against the pension reform.

Dozens of protesters fled after being covered by thick clouds of tear gas in the narrow streets near the Paris Opera House. 

Prosecutor orders emergency probe of alleged police violence

Lower court prosecutor Vangelis Ioannidis has ordered an emergency probe of a 18 December police raid in Koukaki where riot police went to evacuate an occupied building and ended up raiding the next door house and beating the owner, known director Dimitris Indares, who with his two sons were on the roof of their home.

Police clear three squats in Koukaki

Police officers are seen entering an occupied building in the Athens neighborhood of Koukaki, one of three squats cleared early on Sunday. Nine people - seven Greeks and two foreign nationals - were arrested. Among those detained were two men and their father who were in a building that the police entered to gain access to one of the squats and who allegedly attempted to stop the officers.

Koukaki arrests were conducted by the book, minister says

Citizens' Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis on Wednesday responded to a letter from jurist and academic Nikos Alivizatos, who heads a committee established by the minister to monitor police behavior, regarding allegations of police brutality during a crackdown on anarchist squats in the downtown Athens district of Koukaki earlier in the day.

New Protests in India against the Citizenship Act

Opponents of the Indian citizenship law, considered discriminatory against Muslims, have raised new protests today, BTA reported.

There were clashes between thousands of protesters and police officers in the capital New Delhi.

The security forces used tear gas to repel protesters, who were piling up barricades and were throwing stones at the police.