Greek PM Mitsotakis: Any abuse by a law enforcement officers will be severely punished

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking at an event of the Ministry of Citizen Protection on security and the reduction of crime, at the former Hellenic Police Officers' School, sent a message that no abuse by a law enforcement officer at the expense of a citizen will be tolerated on the occasion of the case of the rape of a 19-year-old woman by police officers inside the Omonia police station.

Police force struggling with staff shortages, long commutes

Ljubljana – Police departments in Slovenia continue to struggle with staffing shortages dating back to austerity measures. The average age of a police officer rises by 4.5 months each year, while unions are warning that many, especially from the east of the country as the main source of the police’s workforce, are having to do extremely long commutes.

Police trade unions welcome appointment of new commissioner

Ljubljana – The two police trade unions have welcomed the appointment of Boštjan Lindav as acting police commissioner, praising him as a top expert and a person of great ethic and professional integrity.

“He is a career police officer who enjoys good reputation among the general public and in particular in police ranks,” SPS trade union stated in a written response.

Armored vehicles and water cannons deployed; tear gas thrown, police arrests VIDEO

Protesters arrived in convoys from all over France, intending to enter the city in defiance of government bans determined to prevent any blockade of the capital.
Paris police have banned "freedom convoys" from entering the city this weekend as hundreds of vehicles set out from across France to block the capital.
Police stopped five hundred vehicles trying to enter Paris.