Wild car chase results in police officers’ slight injuries

Ljubljana/Trojane – The police attempted to stop a 23-year-old Turkish citizen due to speeding on Saturday evening, but he ignored their orders and sped off. Three police officers sustained minor injuries during a car chase that followed. It transpired that the man was transporting a Turkish migrant.

Kangler denies allegations of interference in police work

Ljubljana – The parliamentary commission investigating suspicion of political interference in the work of police interviewed Interior Ministry State Secretary Franc Kangler on Friday. Kangler denied during a four-hour session allegations about his unwarranted interfering in either the work of police or staffing decisions.

Anti-vaxxer ‘Guardians of the Constitution’ handcuff school principal, abduct him, take him to police

Five individuals have been arrested in connection with an incident in Aiginio, Piera, where a junior high school principal was handcuffed by members of the vigilante, anti-vax, self-styled 'Guardians of the Constitution', placed in a car, and driven to a police precinct.

Hojs dismisses allegations of politicisation of police

Ljubljana – Appearing in a telvised current affairs show on Sunday, Interior Minister Aleš Hojs rejected allegations about the police organisation changes being an attempt to politicise the force. Hojs sees the new law as the first step towards a more professional police that would reduce any political impact, whereas the opposition maintains the opposite.

Police officials deny political interference in police

Ljubljana – Former police commissioners Andrej Jurič in Anton Travner, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) director Petra Grah Lazar and her predecessor Andrej Lamberger denied political interference in the work of the police and police staffing as they were heard before a parliamentary inquiry into political interference in the police on Friday.

Police trade union takes action to warn about abuse

Ljubljana – The SPS police trade union has submitted to parliament an initiative to collect signatures from citizens in support of amendments to the employment relationships act that would make conditions for reprimanding employees before dismissal stricter and more specific. The SPS warns the disciplinary measure has been abused in the police force.