Community Uprising: Sofia Neighborhood Residents Rally Against Refugee Center

Last night there was a demonstration echoing through the streets of Ovcha Kupel district, residents voiced their demands for change under the banner of "No fear and violence." Their call to action reverberated through the Sofia neighborhood, demanding the relocation of the Ovcha Kupel refugee center and the establishment of a permanent police presence.

Officers open fire during car chase

Police officers opened fire during a car chase in northern Athens, as they attempted to stop a vehicle and arrest the driver.

A video published on Thursday shows at least seven policers officers trying to stop a vehicle while on foot. They had earlier signaled the driver to stop the vehicle for police check, but he fled crashing into a police motorcycle before fleeing.

9 Days Without A Trace Of 17-Year-Old Ivana Georgieva From Dupnitsa

The search for the Bulgarian girl in Dupnitsa and the surrounding area continues for another day. Ivana disappeared last Thursday, and so far there have been no traces of her. It is expected that the search perimeter will be expanded towards the town of Pernik.

The police have not provided details on the progress of the search, stated the mayor of the city, Parvan Dangov, to Nova TV.