Turnstiles consigned to the museum of the Metapolitefsi

Some time ago, during his previous term in office, the prime minister had called a meeting of ministers, state officials and university rectors to discuss the issue of security at public universities. The scheme for a campus police force was very much "alive" at the time; it was, in fact, one of ruling New Democracy's key policy announcements.

University rectors’ responsibility

University rectors are right when they say that they themselves cannot play the role of the police and enforce order against those who act arbitrarily on campus. 

However, they are not convincing when, in the midst of a tense situation, they present obstacles to remote exams. Obviously, this is an emergency solution. But the need now exists for it. 

Police officer found dead in Kozani

A 51-year-old police officer was found dead at his home in Kozani, northern Greece. He was serving at the Border Guard Corps of the city's police department.

According to initial police information, the victim has a gunshot wound and the investigation is currently focusing on the possibility of an accident, having ruled out foul play. 

Man, 19, faces felony charges for cutting metro cables

A 19-year-old man was facing felony charges on Wednesday for allegedly cutting cables on the Athens metro on Saturday.

According to transport authorities, the man was spotted by police officers cutting wires near an electric substation close to Line 1's Iraklio stop and was arrested after attempting to flee.

Over 1,000 arrests for traffic offenses in New Year period

Police made over a thousand arrests across the country over the four-day period in the run up to and including New Year's Day.

From December 29 to January 1, officers conducted checks on over 70,000 people and over 53,500 vehicles, a police statement said.

While 2,500 people were brought in to police stations, 1,079 were arrested for various offenses.