Athens jewelry store robbed of €200,000 worth of gems

Unknown perpetrators carried out a heist at a high-end jewelry store on in central Athens on Saturday at dawn. 

According to the police, the thieves entered between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., initially accessing an adjacent abandoned building. Using tools, they created a hole in the common wall, gaining entry to the jewelry store. 

Setting an example

The Greek state must root out the moral instigators and actual perpetrators of the attack on the riot police squad in Renti earlier this month that ultimately resulted in the death of one of its officers on Wednesday. 

Two remanded over car chase resulting in officer’s death

Two men have been remanded in custody after appearing before an investigating magistrate in Piraeus in relation to the fatal injury earlier this week of a 29-year-old officer of the Dias police motorcycle unit after a road chase.

The two men, aged 17 and 20, have been charged with joining and participating in a criminal organization.

The core of the state

Cases of serious crime have now become a daily reality. This bloody routine coincides with incidents of corruption within the police force.

These services have shown in the past that they can deliver results. Now they seem to be having trouble fulfilling their mission.

They need to be evaluated and regrouped, because they form part of the core of the state.