Political corruption

Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia Will Work Together Against Corruption

Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia must work together to create an environment of intolerance for corrupt practices. The interior ministers of the two seniors, Mladen Marinov and Oliver Spasovski, said this.

Consideration is also being given to creating a single number for both neighboring countries, to which citizens report corruption in state structures.

Survey: The Most Important Thing For Bulgarians is that the New Attorney General is Not Corrupt

For Bulgarians, the most important thing is that the new chief prosecutor is not corrupt and honest, according to a study by the Trend Research Center, cited by BGNES. 

Over 76% are those who have heard / understood that a new Attorney General will be elected by the end of October, while 18% are not.

Mainstreaming Corruption: How Populism Erodes Moral Standards

In many countries, even supporters of anti-populist parties have begun consciously accepting pathological behaviour, rule-breaking, and even illegal acts on the part of their chosen political representatives.

Following Gresham's Law, which holds that bad money drives out the good, opposition forces increasingly feel compelled to scheme and cheat in order to win.