Political geography

Border Police Introduces Temporary Anti-Epidemic Measures for Arrivers in Bulgaria

Temporary anti-epidemic measures are introduced for entry of persons arriving from other countries on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, from December 1, 2021, according to an assessment of the spread of COVID-19 in the respective country.

Azerbaijan says 14 dead in military helicopter crash

Fourteen people died on Nov. 30 in an Azerbaijani military helicopter crash which went down in the east of the Caucasus country during a training flight, officials said.

"Fourteen people died and two more were wounded as a result of a state border service helicopter crash," the ex-Soviet republic's frontier guard said in a statement.

New illegal Turkish NAVTEX in the Nautical Geo research area

Turkey, in order to prevent the navigation and the soundings being conducted by the NAUTICAL GEO research vessel, is proceeding with the commitment of the region and naval exercises. The freezing of an area with illegal NAVTEX is from today until October 5.

Ankara blames Greece and Cyprus in advance