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Home Policy Committee votes down motion for snap election

Ljubljana – The parliamentary Home Policy Committee voted down late on Friday evening a motion by the centre-left opposition calling for a snap election. The emergency session, which lasted for more than nine hours, discussed the situation in the country. The government finds the motion to be unwarranted.

Počivalšek says early election unlikely

Ljubljana – The leader of the coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC) and Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek believes that the next election will be held as scheduled. Speaking to the newspaper Večer, he does not completely rule out the possibility of an early election though, but also notes that a snap election would not suit his party at the moment.

Opposition alliance accelerates works on return to parliamentary system

The oppositional alliance has accelerated works for drafting a road map for replacing the current executive-presidential system with a strengthened parliamentary model and will launch a debate between the leaders to finalize it by December of this year, senior oppositional leaders have said.

Bulgaria Introduces COVID-19 “Green Certificate” for All Indoor Activities from October 21

Bulgarian Health authorities are introducing a green certificate for all indoor activities. This was announced by the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov and his deputies Alexander Zlatanov and Toma Tomov.

The green certificate will take effect with an order from 00:00, Thursday, October 21.

DeSUS MPs are not planning to change course

Ljubljana – After the council of the Pensioners’ Party (DeSUS) adopted a resolution yesterday denying the government any further support, the party’s MPs said they were planning to continue with the same course of action as so far where they agree what their vote will be on each legislative proposal on a case-by-case basis.

Mustafa Karadayi is DPS’ Presidential Candidate

TheMovement for Rights and Freedoms' Chairman Mustafa Karadayi is the party's presidential candidate. (MRF-DPS in Bulgaria)

This became clear during the registration with the CEC.

MEP Iskra Mihailova has been nominated for vice president.

According to the party, Karaday is consistent and predictable and can be tr sted.

Bulgaria: Partial Elections in Several Populated Places Today

A second round of by-elections in several settlements in the country is being held today.

In Strazhitsa municipality, citizens will choose between Yordan Tsonev and Georgi Byanov. Both were nominated by initiative committees.

Ivan Sakov (GERB) and Iskra Lefterova Hristova (nominated by an initiative committee) stand in the Blagoevgrad village of Tserovo.

Court Rejects Appeal of “Bulgarian Summer” Against CEC’s Refusal to Register Party for Election

The Supreme Administrative Court rejected the appeal of the Political Party "Civil Platform Bulgarian Summer" against decision № 648-НС of 29.09.2021 of the Central Election Commission, which refused the registration of the party to participate in the elections for MPs on 14 November 2021.

"We Continue The Change" Hopes for 30% of Votes on Upcoming Elections and Future Ruling Coalition

"We continue the change" is aimed at 30% of the parliamentary vote "We continue the change" has the ambition to achieve 30% support of the voters in the upcoming parliamentary elections. This was stated in a tv interview by Kiril Petkov, who is one of the founders of the political formation.

Caretaker Minister of Education: Head of Sofia University Running for President Is 'Surprising'

"The candidacy of the rector of Sofia University Prof. Anastas Gerdzhikov for president surprised me and even worried me. I did not expect that a person from our community would be a candidate of GERB,". This was said by the caretaker Education Minister Prof. Nikolay Denkov in a tv interview.