Political parties

Asymmetric conflict

The political dispute between the government and the official opposition is shaping up as a clash between action and identity, between management and accusations, between reality and fairy tales. Common to both sides are their cynicism and the hyperbole with which they attack each other.

‘Are we stayingin Europe?’

What is Europe? "Isn't it the plains? […] Are not her stars the bright ones?" as Greek poet Ioannis Polemis said in his famous poem about the homeland. And what does "We're staying in Europe" mean? Is it a saga for our times and our abilities? Will it become a date, like that of the 1973 Polytechnic Uprising, to honor for ever?

History’s teachings

The intention of the government and the opposition to prevent convicted neo-Nazi Ilias Kasidiaris from taking a fresh run at Parliament with his new party is obvious. I don't know if it will work, though, because history has shown that such efforts rarely have the desired effect and those being barred can simply bypass the system by forming a new party.