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Erdogan signals May 14 as Turkish elections date

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan indicated in a speech on Wednesday that parliamentary and presidential elections could be held on May 14, after he said the date should be brought forward from June 18.

Speaking to lawmakers of his AK Party in parliament, Erdogan said Turks will show their reaction to the main opposition alliance on the same date that elections were held on 1950.

Poland in 2023: Elections Offer Chance of a Fresh Start

Yet even if it wanted to cut a deal with the EU, PiS is caught between a rock and hard place with its junior coalition partner, the party of Zbigniew Ziobro. The hardline justice minister won't agree to any compromises with Brussels, but dropping him from the coalition would result in a minority government, which is definitely not an ideal situation in an election year.

Fandakova will Not Run for Re-Election as Mayor of Sofia

In the next local elections, Yordanka Fandakova will not run for mayor of Sofia. She announced this herself in a television interview.

"Yes, it's my decision, I decided a long time ago. A lot of people knew about it, but of course it's time to announce it to everyone. But anyway, we have a lot of work to do in the coming months."