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Amendments to the Law on Referendum adopted

193 MPs voted for the adoption, i.e. all those who were present.
The law shall enter into force less than eight days from the day of its publication in the Official Gazette, by a special decision of the deputies. These amendments change several articles in relation to the recently adopted Law on Referendum and People's Initiative.

EC Annual Report on Bulgaria: Unlimited Powers of Prosecutor General Is still Issue

The new law concerning the accountability and criminal liability of the Prosecutor General and his or her deputies has been declared unconstitutional and challenges remain, 2021 report on the Rule of Law situation in Bulgaria, presented by the European Commission together with reports on the other EU member states on July 20, says.

CCR: Priority principle to applying EU law, not to be perceived in sense of removing or disregarding national constitutional identity

The priority principle for the application of European law must not be perceived in the sense that national constitutional identity is removed or disregarded, shows the reason for the decision by which the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) rejected a series of exceptions and decided that several articles of the law that refer to the establishment and operationalization of the Section for th

Signatures for waters act referendum delivered to parliament

Ljubljana – A civil initiative opposing the latest changes to the waters act has submitted almost 50,000 signatures in support of its initiative to hold a referendum on the law, which was passed at the end of March. The National Assembly must now meet to formally call a referendum in seven days.

Who Wants to Vote? The Spectacular Failure of Referenda in Slovakia

"This referendum, like several others before it, is a form of political campaign and anti-government mobilisation. But with regards to its strong signature collection effort and the level of discontent with the current government, it could be precisely this plebiscite that ends up being very successful," political scientist Juraj Marusiak of the Slovak Academy of Sciences tells BIRN.

Collection of signatures for water referendum starts

Ljubljana – The collection of signatures for a referendum on the water act started on Tuesday amidst appeals by environmentalists that water sources should be protected and warnings by the government that the referendum would actually be damaging for water sources and for people living along bodies of water.