Political philosophy

Hundreds of municipalities apply for WiFi subsidy from Brussels

More than 200 municipalities in Greece have secured funding of about 3 million euros from the European Union for the creation of wireless broadband internet infrastructure (WiFi).

The funding will come by way of the WiFi4EU initiative, and each municipality that enters the program will receive a subsidy of 15,000 euros to create one or more WiFi networks within its jurisdiction.

Last Day For Free-Trip Requests Under the 'Discover the EU' initiative

Today is the last day in which EU citizens of 18 years of age can declare their willingness to participate in the distribution of 20 000 free travel cards within the framework of the European Union's "Discover the EU" initiative.

The quota for Bulgaria is 275 tickets. Those wishing to apply can apply through the European Youth Portal.

Gatekeepers of democracy

Who - or what - are the gatekeepers of democracy? What do they do? A colleague in civil society, the director of an NGO board, suggested the term for a conference we are to cohost on the role of NGOs and think-tanks in democracy promotion. The term is commonplace among civil society theorists and practitioners, she assured me. I had my doubts initially.

Improving Greece’s environmental performance

The European elections are almost upon us. In the runup to May 23-26, one of the biggest issues people have been discussing and indeed mobilizing around, is how we protect our climate and our environment.

Protecting the environment is something that Europeans think the EU is doing well, should do more of and should have more powers to do so.

PM Borissov: Only a United and Strong Europe Can Guarantee Peace and Justice

"Only a united and strong Europe can guarantee peace and justice." This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov in his speech at the working lunch of the heads of state and government of the EU member states in the Romanian city of Sibiu.
European leaders are taking part in a summit in the Romanian city of Sibiu, a government press service said in a statement.