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Rumen Radev: It Depends on the Rule of Law that Bulgarians Believe in their Country and Work Diligently for its Future

The most important thing for our future is to have a strong, competent and independent Bulgarian court, because the rule of law is at the heart of a democratic state. This is what President Rumen Radev said in his speech at the ceremony marking the 60th anniversary of the Sofia City Court.

Solemn session/Parliament adopts Declaration devoted to marking 30 years since 1989 Revolution

Parliament adopted on Monday in a joint plenary solemn session a Declaration devoted to marking 30 years since the Revolution of December 1989, highlighting that the fight of the Romanian people against communism must further represent a source of moral and political inspiration to deal with the challenges of the world today.

Religion 'becoming political tool in right wing populist Europe'

Islam replaced communism as the "other" in terms of ideology, and as a result Europe is becoming more Christian because of the growing hatred against any kind of Islam, Professor Ayhan Kaya has said. Europe is becoming more Christian culturally, not religiously, according to Kaya, who defines the Islamophobes voting for right-wing populist parties as "Christian atheists."


All political parties agree that in normal countries there is no need for police to guard closed universities. Interestingly, there's no consensus on how normal institutions are meant to operate.

Democracy Digest: And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

But first, a reminder of Reporting Democracy's special package of stories to mark the anniversary.

And don't miss our #BerlinWall Twitter thread. From Saturday, we will be filling it with video interviews with people born in 1989 in countries formerly behind the Iron Curtain. How do they view democracy, freedom and the legacy of '89?


The hour of reckoning

It is with justified relief that we welcome the hour of reckoning for an extremist element that has tested Greece's institutional reflexes. Still, we must not draw the wrong political conclusions. The beliefs that stoked the attack squads will not disappear overnight because of a court verdict.