Political status of Kosovo

Intensifying Battle Over Kosovo’s Recognition is Futile

At first, Kosovo denied that these derecognitions had even occurred, with some arguing that such moves were not legally possible. However, as the number mounted up - the current tally of derecognitions claimed by Belgrade now lies at 15, the latest being the Togo, in late-August, the mood in Pristina has changed.

"I've heard that Haradinaj advocates disruption of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue"

Still, he added, this suspension cannot last long.
In the interview for the Voice of America, Veseli said that the resolution of Kosovo issue lies in Serbian recognition of Kosovo's independence as, as he said "sovereign state of Kosovo within existing borders". In return, "Kosovo will recognize the Republic of Serbia".

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel Declared an Intention to Work Together For Balkan Stability.

Emmanuel Makron and Angela Merkel have today opened a summit in Berlin dedicated to the Western Balkans.
The French president and the German Chancellor urged Serbia and Kosovo to resume their dialogue ahead of any step in their possible entry into the EU, the French press reported.