Political status of Kosovo

Pompeo: Kosovo's Independence is Crucial to the Stability of the Region

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Kosovo's sovereignty and independence remain crucial to the security and stability of the Western Balkans. "Following recent elections and government formation, Kosovo has a renewed opportunity to realize your full potential, both for your citizens and relationships with neighboring countries. ," the State Department said.

"Nothing is over or ruled out when it comes to the resolve of the Kosovo issue"

American Balkans expert and a former advisor and supporter of Joseph Biden, Michael Carpenter, said in an interview with the Serbian Telegraph that Washington would accept any solution agreed by Serbs and Albanians. He also points out that there are no red lines on this issue - everything is up to Belgrade and Pristina.

America has influence, America has priority - the problem of Serbia and Kosovo

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and US Special Representative for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer, said in a testimony before the US Senate Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on Europe and Co-operation on Regional Security that while the negotiations are blocked, the two sides are at risk of missing the best chance.

Vucic: Solution for Kosovo means no one gets everything, but everyone gets enough

"I have the honor of addressing you as President of Serbia, the country of good and honest people. Last time I was here, it said that the situation in the world was worse in 2016. I would say it's no easier in 2019. I am a little scared, a little worried, but also a little happy that big countries have not mentioned us in their speeches", Vucic said.