Political terminology

Self-destructive vote

The threat of natural disasters looms large in the current era, as exemplified by the events unfolding in Greece and across the globe. 

This should provide an additional incentive for us voters, to thoughtfully deliberate on our choices for local leaders or lawmakers.

Greece’s political paradoxes and labels

I have begun to wonder whether the term "extreme right" is the most suitable one for us to understand the wide range of politics adopted by significant sections of the population and which include radical, conservative (reactionary) concepts, extreme nationalism and nativism, the rejection of experts and institutions, suspicion towards local and foreign elites, and antagonism towards migrants a

Jailed far-right ex-MP again denied candidacy

Ilias Kasidiaris, the former MP for the far-right Golden Dawn party, cannot stand as a candidate in the June 25 election, Greece's Supreme Court has ruled.

Kasidiaris and the party he founded, National Party-Greeks, had been banned from taking part in the previous national election, on May 21, because of a law targeting convicted Golden Dawn ex-MPs.

Ioannis Sarmas sworn in as caretaker prime minister ahead of Greek elections

Court of Audit President Ioannis Sarmas was sworn in as prime minister of a caretaker government that will lead Greece to a repeat round of elections on June 25, shortly after 4 p.m. on Thursday.

Sarmas was sworn in at the Presidential Mansion in the presence of President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

70-year-old sentenced for sexually harassing teen in polling station

A 70-year-old man has received a suspended six-month sentence for sexually harassing a 19-year-old soldier at a polling station in the northern Greek town of Thessaloniki on Sunday morning.

The misdemeanor court found him guilty of sexual indecency but accepted his clean record as a mitigating factor.