Political terminology

Slovenian Prime Minister resigns and calls for early elections

Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Sarec said he would send his resignation to the National Assembly on Monday and called for an early election, because his minority government did not have the influence to push through important legislation.
"There is nothing I can do with this government. Therefore, it is fair to hold an early election," he told a press conference.

Key steps for education

A lot of controversy has been stirred up by the Education Ministry's decision to open up jobs in public education to graduates of private colleges. These reactions however have deflected attention away from two significant moves which are being introduced in the new bill on tertiary education.

A wake-up call for the EU

The surge in Middle East tensions, combined with a dynamic Russian presence and growing Turkish aggression, provides a unique opportunity for the European Union to show that it will not allow itself to be blown about like a feather on the winds of others' actions.

Strengthening the democratic bloc

The previous decade will be remembered with frustration, if not horror, in Greece. An unprecedented economic crisis exhausted the majority of Greek citizens, deprived the country of financial independence and fueled populism, almost leading it to a chaotic default. But the period from 2010 until 2019 will also be remembered for an impressive accomplishment in foreign policy.

Slovakia, 2019: The Year of President Zuzana Caputova

"She brought a spirit of positive energy that has broken the bad mood that Slovaks have had for a long time," Zuborova, an analyst at the Bratislava Policy Institute think tank, told BIRN in an interview.

"She also represented a new hope that Slovakia might take a different direction than the rest of Central Europe."

Editorial: The trap of fatigue

The government is trying to free itself from the unavoidable fissures that governing brings with it.

After five-and-a-half months in power the government has some problem areas which if they continue and are not controlled may shake the relationship of trust that the PM from the start tried to create with citizens.

Religion 'becoming political tool in right wing populist Europe'

Islam replaced communism as the "other" in terms of ideology, and as a result Europe is becoming more Christian because of the growing hatred against any kind of Islam, Professor Ayhan Kaya has said. Europe is becoming more Christian culturally, not religiously, according to Kaya, who defines the Islamophobes voting for right-wing populist parties as "Christian atheists."