'Metropolitan City Transport' Launches From Today 20 New Buses

New buses of the line 280 and 85 of "Metropolitan City Transport", using natural gas and which meet the requirements of Euro 6 will be launched in the capital reported Econ.bg

,,For 5 years we renovated 90% of all city buses on line and reduced 2.5 times harmful emissions from public transport'', said Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia.

Sofia Mayor: There Will be No Compromise For "Graf Ignatiev"

,,I have a commitment that there will be no compromise on anyone.'' This was announced by the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova in the morning block of BNT1 about the new problems that have arisen after the completion of the repair of the tram route along "Graf Ignatiev" Str.

The sanction for the whole site could amount to one million levs, the mayor said.

The Flooring of the Trams' Route on Graf Ignatiev Str. in Sofia, Rise Up due to the High Temperatures

The flooring of the tramway route on the refurbished Graf Ignatiev Street in Sofia has risen up due to the high temperatures. This was announced by the mayor Yordanka Fandakova in the presentation of the new buses for the metropolitan public transport. The repairer, GP Group, will be fined, Fandakova said.

PM Dancila: I don't want to pass judgment on Liviu Dragnea, but I want to change his manner of working

Acting Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, said she hopes there will be several candidates for party head and that the leadership will be collective, because decision-making should not be left with one person alone.

PRO Romania, member of European Democratic Party as of Tuesday

As of Tuesday, the PRO Romania party becomes a member of the European Democratic Party, "a kind of smaller party, but with pro-European beliefs - social-democrat and liberal", the Pro Romania head Victor Ponta said on Sunday, at the end of the party's Permanent Delegation's sitting. "We cannot go either to the EPP, or to the sovereigntists, or to the extremists," Victor Ponta stressed.

The Race for Theresa May's Post Officially Begins

British Prime Minister Theresa May resigned today. At 19:00 Bulgarian time the race for the leadership position of the Conservatives officially begins.

13 are the candidates for May's successor, and the procedure for choosing a new conservative leader will continue until the last week of July.

The new party leader will become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Romania Campaigns to Repair Battered Profile in Brussels

Since the jailing of the former leader of the ruling Social Democrats, PSD, and de facto chief of government, Liviu Dragnea, for corruption on May 27, the government in Romania led by Viorica Dancila has been trying to rebrand itself and shed the damaging heritage that Dragnea left behind.