Local polls are important

The polls for the local and regional elections will be held at a politically "neutral" time, in that the country won't be facing a major situation where a lot is at stake.

As such, it is an opportunity for voters to focus on the essentials when it comes to making their pick of candidates. 

Mitsotakis calls for a stable government from polling station

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis called for a stable government for the next four years from the polling station in Kifissia, where he voted.

"Citizens and democracy are the focus today, it is a day of joy and responsibility. We are voting for the second time in just a few weeks so the country can have a stable and efficient government with a four-year horizon," he said.

Hopes of big three hinge on different goals

New Democracy, SYRIZA and PASOK closed the election race on Friday with different goals in view of Sunday's ballot.

For conservative ND, the main goal is to secure a comfortable outright majority in the region of 158 seats. It believes that the votes of young people and voters who live in areas other than their constituencies are key to achieving this.

A crucial choice

The long pre-election period and the clear result of the May 21 ballot may have created a sense that Sunday's vote is something of a formality. This is far from the case. 

In fact, this election is more important than the last one because it will determine whether the country will have a government for the next four years and how it will be governed.