Which are the Sectors and Companies that would be Eligible for the 60:40 Measure

The list of sectors directly affected by the state of emergency is clear. They will be supported under the 60 to 40 measure. This was announced by Minister Denitsa Sacheva at a briefing on the intentions to support the business during the crisis with COVID-19.

President Iohannis: An extraordinary budget revision is being shaped up

President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Wednesday that an extraordinary budget revision is being shaped up, destined to earmark money for Health and the payment of technical unemployment. "An extraordinary budget revision is being shaped up which will be carried out in this state of emergency on two levels.

Trump has Offered Kim Jong-un Help with the Fight against the Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump has offered North Korean leader Kim Jong-un help in combating the coronavirus, world agencies have reported.

In a letter, Trump has indicated his intention to offer co-operation, saying he was impressed with Kim's efforts to protect his people from the serious threat of the epidemic, according to North Korean news agency KCTA, quoted by Reuters.

Society’s part

The country has been put on ice, yet there are those who couldn't care less. People who flout the law either out of a lack of discipline or to turn a profit should be severely punished.

Bulgaria is in a State of Emergency from Today until April 13

The National Assembly has urgently accepted the government's proposal to introduce a state of emergency in the country due to the spread of the coronavirus. From today until April 13.

The Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and the head of the National Operations Headquarters Professor Mutafchiiski are in the room.