Politics of Bulgaria

The Unions have Convinced the Cabinet to Increase the Salaries of 11,000 People in Nurseries and Gardens

The cabinet and the unions have agreed to adjust the supplementary standard for school and child health care so that healthcare professionals can receive higher salaries.

This was announced by CITUB leader Plamen Dimitrov after talks in the Council of Ministers with Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov and Social Minister Denitsa Sacheva.

Lasting Peace is Only Achievable When We Give Way Not to Interests But to Principles, Said Rosen Plevneliev

A lasting sustainable peace is only achievable when we reach the hearts of young people and when we give way not to the interests but to the principles, said Rosen Plevneliev, President of Bulgaria from 2012 to 2017, at the conference "NATO membership - the key to The European Union "in Sofia, organized by the Atlantic Council on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of NATO and 15 years since t

Bulgarian President Radev has Approved Marin Raykov as Ambassador to London

President Rumen Radev has approved the appointment of former Bulgarian Prime Minister Marin Raykov as Ambassador of Bulgaria to London. From Dondukov 2 confirmed that the conciliation procedure between the presidential institution and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is over, reports Dnevnik. 

The Nurse Nasya Nenova Wins Case Against her Torturers to Libya

Twelve years after the so-called HIV trial in Libya, nurse Nasya Nenova won a case against 9 Libyan investigating officers, NOVA said.
The General Secretariat of the Jamaican Ministry of Libya must give 500 000 leva compensation to Nasya Nenova and 26 617 leva additional property compensation.

Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva: The Response Shows that Bulgaria did very well with the EU Presidency

The reactions show that Bulgaria did very well with its first presidency of the Council of the EU, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said before the voting in Parliament to close the Ministry for the Bulgarian Presidency, Focus News Agency reports.