Politics of Bulgaria

Denkov Criticizes GERB's Focus on Ministerial Portfolios Amid Priorities Shift

In a notable development in Bulgarian politics, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov expressed strong criticism towards GERB's recent proposal, emphasizing a significant shift in priorities away from reforms and towards ministerial positions. Denkov's remarks came at the outset of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, shedding light on the current political landscape.

INSAIT: Bulgaria Launches Innovative Scholarship Program to Cultivate Tech Leaders

Today, a new scholarship program in the field of mathematics and informatics was presented. Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov participated in the official announcement of the program aimed at developing technological leaders at the Institute of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Technologies (INSAIT). The presentation also involved the Minister of Education and Science, Prof.

Bulgarian Government: Prime Minister Proposes Role Swap With Foreign Minister

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov has put forward an expected proposition within Bulgarian politics, suggesting a cabinet shuffle that would see him assuming the role of foreign minister. Denkov's proposal, disclosed during a session addressing citizen and journalist inquiries on Facebook, aims to streamline governance processes while fostering stronger international relations.

Bulgarian Government Set to Resign in March - The Date is Fixed

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov announced today that the Bulgarian government will resign on March 6, bringing clarity to the ongoing political situation. Denkov, speaking to reporters during a visit to the Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant (PSHP) "Belmeken", emphasized that negotiations with Mariya Gabriel regarding the future rotating cabinet are progressing smoothly.

Bulgaria's PM Stands Firm Amidst Farmer Protests: Minister's Resignation Not Up for Negotiation

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov of Bulgaria addressed the ongoing farmer protests, emphasizing that Minister Kiril Vatev's resignation is not a negotiable point. Denkov's stance comes amidst escalating tensions as farmers demand governmental action.