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Tsipras: election offers a stark choice

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras claimed in his interview to the major TV outlets Sunday that conservative New Democracy wants to amplify its May 21 victory in the new election on June 25 to install an "unaccountable regime" with a weak, splintered opposition and says the upcomingpolls represent a stark choice between two vastly different government programs.

We will cut inflation to single digits: Erdoğan

Türkiye's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said his new economic team's priority will be to cut inflation to single digits from its current level of around 40%.

"Now that the elections are over, our hand is stronger," Erdogan said in a speech to a group of Turkish exporters on June 17.

"We will cut inflation to single digits, that will be the priority of the new economy team."

Erdogan’s veto over Sweden’s NATO bid and the F-16s

Despite the pressure on Turkey to ratify Sweden's NATO membership bid, with the US saying the sooner this happens the better, Turkey's President Erdogan poured cold water on rising hopes that a deal might be near. While the US is keen on Sweden joining NATO, Erdogan is keen on getting US F-16s, and it seems some have hinted that a quid pro quo could be on the cards.

Putin says sent nuclear warheads to Belarus

President Vladimir Putin on Friday confirmed Russia had sent nuclear arms to its ally Belarus which borders Ukraine.

"The first nuclear warheads were delivered to the territory of Belarus... This is the first part," Putin told an annual economic forum, where AFP and media of other countries Russia deems "unfriendly" were not accredited.

Tapping nationalist sentiment

New Democracy is clearly concerned that if the ultranationalist Niki party makes it into the next Parliament, it could gnaw away at the conservatives' majority, and this concern has prompted an effort to repatriate part of the far-right vote and redefine the party's agenda.

Dacic receives Angolan delegation

BELGRADE - Serbia-Angola bilateral relations are extremely good and based on mutual respect, and there is readiness to advance them further by exchanging visits at high and the highest level, Serbian FM Ivica Dacic said at a meeting with a delegation of the Angolan Ministry of External Relations on Friday.

The end of the war? "Ukraine doesn't stand a chance"

The long-announced Ukrainian counter-offensive has been underway for several days, and the US, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands are sending hundreds of missiles to Ukraine. At the same time, NATO defense ministers are discussing in Brussels the continuation of the support that the allies have been providing to Ukraine for months.

Serbian Court Orders Detention of ‘Kidnapped’ Kosovo Policemen

The Higher Public Prosecutor's office in Kraljevo, central Serbia, ordered an investigation into three detained Kosovo policemen suspected of the illegal production, possession, carrying and trafficking of weapons and explosive materials..

The judge for the preliminary proceedings of the Higher Court in Kraljevo meanwhile ordered the detention of all three suspects.