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After the Recordings: The Leadership of GERB will Analyze the New Political Situation

The executive committee of GERB will meet today to analyze the new political situation after yesterday the deputy of "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" Radostin Vassilev announced that he was leaving the group and released a recording made by him without the knowledge of his colleagues from a meeting of the leadership of "We Continue the Change".

MP from WCC-DB Left the Party and Released a Compromising Recording with Kiril Petkov

Radostin Vassilev left the WCC-DB parliamentary group. He presented an online recording of the National Council of "We Continue the Change". On the recording, Kiril Petkov explains that "they will 'launder' Boyko Borissov and this is part of the agreement.

Ninova: BSP will be in Opposition to a Cabinet created by WCC-DB and GERB-SDS

"The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will be the opposition to a cabinet nominated by 'We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria' (WCC-DB) and GERB-SDS." This was stated by the leader of the socialist party, Kornelia Ninova.

According to her, this is an unprincipled coalition that shows no interest in the real problems of the people:

Bulgaria: GERB requested more Ministers in the "Denkov" project cabinet

GERB have requested that more of their ministers be included in the "Denkov" draft cabinet, in which only the name of Mariya Gabriel as the future Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs has been announced. This was confirmed by the candidate for prime minister from WCC-DB Nikolay Denkov after a question from the National Radio, specifying that they are not inclined to comply.

Bulgaria: Former PM Borissov was Interrogated at the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office

The interrogation of GERB leader Boyko Borissov at the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office in the "Barcelonagate" case has ended. On leaving the building on "Cherkovna" Street, the politician and his lawyer Menko Menkov were laconic.

"I just want to thank people for being empathetic to me and what is happening. We will not comment on anything, because nothing is different".

WCC-DB and GERB Agreed: Government with the Second Mandate - For 18 months and with a Rotating Prime Minister

An hour before GERB-SDS returned a completed mandate to the president in the National Assembly, candidates for prime minister of GERB-SDS Mariya Gabriel and "We Continuing the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" Nikolay Denkov gave a briefing, at which it became clear that the first mandate will not be fulfilled, as the two political forces have reached an agreement on a cabinet.

Bulgaria: A GERB Government would have Experts from DPS and “There Is Such a People”

GERB-SDS will accept experts from the Movement of Rights and Freedoms (DPS) and "There Is Such a People" (TISP) for a government, after the two formations have expressed support for an expert cabinet. This was announced on Nova TV by MP Temenuzka Petkova who confirmed that there are currently talks about its composition.

Candidate for PM Mariya Gabriel: The Parties that Support me are ready for Constitutional Reform

The candidate-prime minister of GERB-SDS will announce the names of the ministers in her cabinet on Monday. The structure of the Council of Ministers remains the same, announced Mariya Gabriel.

She thanked DPS and "There Is Such a People" for their support and called on all those who want constitutional reform to stand behind the first mandate.