Politics of Greece

Why Mitsotakis tapped Stylianides as Climate Change and Civil Protection Minister, his experience

By Angelos Athanasopoulos

The incoming minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Christos Stylianides is a dentist by training, yet he is by all accounts essentially a "political animal".

That is the common conviction of both his friends and opponents, as Cyprus's former European Commissioner has a passion for whatever he takes up.

Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Extends Greetings to North Macedonia on Occasion of 30th Independence Declaration Anniversary

Bulgarian Caretaker Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev has greeted the Republic of North Macedonia on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the declaration of its independence, Stoev's Ministry said in a press release on Wednesday.
The country declared its independence from Yugoslavia on September 8, 1991.

Bulgarian Foreign ministry Responds to Stance of N..Mascedonia on Rights of Bulgarians in North Macedonia

In a position issued on Sunday, the Bulgairan Foreign Ministry says that this country's position on the topic of protecting the rights of Bulgarian citizens and of citizens identifying themselves as Bulgarians in North Macedonia, has been stated on many occasions.

Apostolakis refuses his appointment by Mitsotakis as civil protection minister

Just two hours after Prime Ministet Kyriakos' decisions about the cabinet reshuffle were announced, Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, who had served as defence minister under the previous SYRIZA government, refused to accept his appointment as minister in the newly-created civil protection ministry.