Politics of Kosovo

"I've heard that Haradinaj advocates disruption of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue"

Still, he added, this suspension cannot last long.
In the interview for the Voice of America, Veseli said that the resolution of Kosovo issue lies in Serbian recognition of Kosovo's independence as, as he said "sovereign state of Kosovo within existing borders". In return, "Kosovo will recognize the Republic of Serbia".

Macron Dampens Serbia’s Hopes of Rapid EU Membership

French President Emmanuel Macron told a joint press conference held in Belgrade on Monday with his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vucic, that Serbia cannot join the European club until the EU has been reformed.

"The EU with 28 members is even now not functioning and cannot be expanded without reforming itself," Macron said.

Serbian Politician: Bulgarian Intelligence Officers Hinder Agreement with Kosovo

A team of intelligence officers, including Bulgarians, is trying to block an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia and works against the interests of Belgrade. This is what Serbian parliamentary committee for Kosovo, Milovan Drecun, said in an interview with Serbian newspaper Kurir. According to him, the team is based in Skopje.

Financial Times: Borrell to face five challenges, Kosovo among others

Federica Mogherini's successor, Josep Borrell, will face with the open issues of Iran, Venezuela, China and relations with USA.
"Spanish veteran will face with numerous challenges, starting from Venezuela to the Balkans, in times of EU fading impact", FT reports, adding that tensions between Belgrade and Pristina are rising, despite EU mediation.

"Tax Administration of so-called Kosovo was not admitted to IOTA"

Minister of Finance in Serbian Government Sinisa Mali informed the public about this.
"This is great news for Serbia and yet another confirmation that we succeeded in this way to prove the illegitimacy of so-called Kosovo institutions. Namely, we have proved that nothing can be done by using force and without striking agreement with official Belgrade", Mali said.

H.E. Kyle Scott: USA recognizes EU "leadership" in the Belgrade-Prishtina dialogue

Scott also pointed out that United States still recognize European Union as the "leader" in this dialogue.
When asked whether US will exert its authority over Prishtina to force it to commence negotiations, Scott confirmed that US still recognize EU's leading role in this process, adding that it is most important for the parties to return to the negotiation table.

"Solution to all our problems stands in the recognition of Kosovo's independence"

In the interview for portal KoSSev, Haradinaj assessed that Prishtina-Belgrade dialogue wasn't going in the right direction and that its resumption required a framework which he saw in mutual recognition without divisions or annexation as "the solution to all our problems".