Politics of Kosovo

Vucic on Kosovo and Metohija: Serious competition between Washington DC and Brussels

"I hadn't received any proposal yet," he said.
When asked if we expect an ultimatum and if we have the strength to respond to the ultimatum, he answers:
He says that the new platform of Kosovo officials for solving the problem of Kosovo is just a "list of good wishes of irresponsible politicians".

Thaci: The agreement will be reached until the end of the year

He added that he believes that an agreement could be reached this year, Kosovo online reports.
Thaci said that it would have to move quickly in that direction in order for Kosovo to join the EU and NATO. He stated that he is optimistic that an agreement with Serbia will be reached this year.

Former Thaci Adviser: ‘Kosovo Constitution Demands New Elections’

He also voiced concern over the lack of "political culture" in Kosovo, and over the independence of the judiciary that will issue this potentially controversial decision.

Borg Olivier was the key legal advisor to UNMIK involved in setting up the Constitutional Framework for Provisional Self-Government in Kosovo in 2001.