Politics of Kosovo

Urgent statement of the Ministry of Defense after an arrest of Kurti's special forces

"The insinuations of the Prime Minister of the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government in Pristina that the Serbian Army was involved in the "kidnapping of three Kosovo police officers" within the territory of Kosovo and Metohija are just a continuation of the campaign of lies, manipulation and illegal violence perpetrated against the Serbs by the Pristina authorities."

Pirc Musar calls for continued Belgrade-Prishtina dialogue

President Nataša Pirc Musar called on Serbia and Kosovo to continue the dialogue under the auspices of the EU as she met her Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vučić in Belgrade on 15 June, arguing that it is the only real way to resolve the tensions in Kosovo and calm the situation.

Vucic: Pristina must make concessions for Serbs to take part in new elections

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday Pristina must make concessions to ensure Serbs in the north of Kosovo-Metohija participate in new elections there.

"Serbs (in the north of Kosovo-Metohija) are always ready to talk, but you have to offer them something," Vucic told Reuters in an interview.

A new punishment follows?

The former chief negotiator of Kosovo in the EU-mediated dialogue with Serbia, Edita Tahiri, believes that due to the tensions in the north, a new punishment is possible for the so-called Kosovo.
Tahiri commented on the recent events in the north, the so-called of Kosovo and their influence on Kosovo's relations with its allies.

"An armed conflict must be prevented"; If it escalates NATO sends thousands of troops

"If the situation becomes increasingly unstable, if it starts escalating again, of course, that is an option," Wigemark said.
Let us remind you that after the escalation of the situation in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, NATO announced that it would send an additional 700 soldiers to the north, the so-called Kosovo.

"We sent the Serbian state a message - we can still bomb you"

Military analyst and senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump, retired colonel Douglas McGregor, believes that a wrong status quo has been created in Kosovo.
Such a status, he believes, cannot be maintained without the presence of foreign military forces, the Kosovo online writing of Serbian Radio Chicago reports.

Vucic discusses situation in north of Kosovo-Metohija with Lajcak, Escobar

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with the EU special envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue Miroslav Lajcak and US special Western Balkans envoy Gabriel Escobar in Belgrade on Tuesday evening.

The meeting was also attended by the head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Emanuele Giaufret and US Ambassador to Belgrade Christopher Hill.

The mandate of the EULEX mission to Kosovo has been extended

The Committee for Political and Security Affairs of the Council of the European Union made a decision to extend the mandate of the EU Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) until June 14, 2025.
The decision stated that the financial amount intended to cover EULEX costs from June 15, 2023 to June 14, 2025 will amount to more than 165 million euros.

Dacic receives Polish delegation

BELGRADE - Serbian First Deputy PM and FM Ivica Dacic on Tuesday received a courtesy visit from a Polish delegation headed by the chairman of the country's parliamentary committee on foreign affairs.

The parties agreed that bilateral relations are very good, the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.