Politics of Moldova

Moldova Court Rules Official Language is Romanian

The Constitutional Court on Tuesday approved a draft bill signed by 35 MPs to amend the law so that the official language is classified as Romanian instead of Moldovan.

The draft was initiated two weeks ago by a small group of MPs from Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and signed by other pro-European deputies in parliament.

Moldova Suspends President to Appoint Defence Minister

Moldova's government appointed a new defence minister on Tuesday after a lengthy row over the post between the pro-European, Democratic Party-led cabinet and pro-Russian President Igor Dodon.

Eugen Sturza, 32, was sworn in at a ceremony at the presidential palace led by parliament speaker Andrian Candu, acting as interim president while Dodon was briefly suspended.

Moldova MPs Push to Make Romanian Official Tongue

A group of ruling Liberal Democrat MPs plan to amend Moldova's constitution so that Romanian becomes the official language instead of Moldovan, as the law currently states.

The Liberal Democrats last Thursday said that they had collected the 34 signatures needed to submit the draft to the Constitutional Court for approval.

Moldova Socialists to Protest Over Scrapped Referendum

Several cities in Moldova are bracing for demonstrations, as Socialist supporters of the pro-Russian President, Igor Dodon, get ready to take to the streets on Sunday.

They will protest against a decision of the Constitutional Court that annulled a referendum that would have allowed the head of state to dissolve parliament and call early elections.

Igor Dodon Banned the Participation of Moldovan Soldiers in Teachings in Ukraine

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has banned the participation of the country's military personnel in the multinational military exercises Rapid trident, which will be held from September 7 to 23 in Ukraine, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta, quoted by Focus.

Moldova President Gives Tour of Summer Residence


Moldovan President Igor Dodon on Wednesday night gave journalists a tour of the presidential residence in the village of Condrita, a few kilometers away from the capital, Chisinau.

After a 90-minute press conference on current affairs in the salon, Dodon took his guests on a trip around the presidential villa, including the basement, where he keeps his wine.

Honours for Russian Troops Spark Anger in Moldova

Moldova's President Igor Dodon is facing a backlash from political opponents and civil society activists after announcing that he intends to accompany Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to the breakaway region of Transnistria and decorate Russian peacekeepers on the 25th anniversary of their deployment later this week.