Politics of Serbia

Sapic: I am aware... VIDEO

As a guest on the morning program of TV Prva, api stated that he is aware that the party he created will disappear one day, when he unites with the SNS, but that he is not afraid of that.
"Serbian Patriotic Alliance (SPAS) was not created to be my private company," said Sapic, adding that the party was founded with the goal of doing something.

Hague Tribunal Urged to Report Serbia to UN Security Council

Judge Liu Daqun of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals in The Hague issued a ruling on Friday calling on the president of the court to "notify the [UN] Security Council of Serbia's failure to comply with its obligations" for failing to arrest wanted Serbian Radical Party politicians Petar Jojic and Vjerica Radeta.

Serbia Risks Civil Strife After Imitation Elections

The government and the opposition accuse each other, moving the political struggle from institutions to the individual level.

Thus, politics is reduced to personal confrontations between politicians, instead of discussions about ideas and political programmes. In such clashes, the citizens who do not see a political option that can articulate their dissatisfaction are most at a loss.

Today, the payment of 100 euros begins for everyone who applied

Money will be paid into the accounts of about half a million citizens daily, and with that dynamics, it is expected that all payments for those who applied for help will be completed by June 1-2.
On April 24, the Government of Serbia adopted a decree on the payment of 100 euros to all adult citizens of our country with permanent residence in Serbia and a valid ID card.

More than a third of DS Main Board members dissatisfied: Lutovac remains at DS healm?

"If that report is not adopted, it automatically means that Lutovac has lost confidence and will no longer remain at the helm of the party," a source from the Democratic Party and a signatory of the initiative to convene a session of the Main Board told Tanjug.