UNICEF: Romania ranks 2nd in EU in terms of birth rate among adolescent mothers

Romania ranks second in the European Union in terms of the birth rate among adolescent mothers, pregnancy in adolescence having many negative consequences on expectant mothers, as well as social and economic costs, according to a study conducted by UNICEF together with the SAMAS Association in Romania.

Kon: We consider restricting movement; This can only be compared to a state of war

"It has been resolved that there will be new measures at the borders - yes, now it is just a technical question how it will be implemented. So it has been decided," he said.
As he stated, the big question is whether it is possible to control private New Year's celebrations.
"That's why one has to think about restricting movement," he told Prva Television.

Mortality Rate in Bulgaria: Facts and Fiction

November 2020 is the deadliest month in Bulgaria for at least the last five years. This is according to preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) on mortality in the country, published this week. In November, 15,953 people died in Bulgaria, with an average of about 8,300 in the same month over the past 5 years. The increase is over 92%.

Policies and propaganda

The pandemic has complicated an already difficult situation in migration and relations with Turkey. The way that Greece is handling Covid-19, though, might suggest a way to deal with other issues, too. As many have observed, the situation demands national consensus and self-discipline.