Greeks not “into squirting”, Pornhub survey shows (graphs)

Squirting, or feminine ejaculation, until a few years ago, was generally unknown among the fans of erotic movies. In recent years, however, the situation has changed. From 2013 to 2015 the search videos containing squirting has shown a spectacular rise. So much so that this keyword is in the top-20 in most sexual sites.

Something very creepy happens to porn searches at Halloween

PornHub has released stats to show how people are using their website during Halloween and surprise, surprise costume themed porn is very popular.

The results published through PornHub’s Insights page show that searches for “Halloween sex” soar by an incredible 3369%, while “trick or treat” is up by 2582%.

This is the terrifying effect internet porn is having on young men (VIDEO)

The hours that some men spend watching online porn is allegedly leading them to develop severe health problems.

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) is an issue first outlined by Dr. Abraham Morgentaler at Harvard Medical School – and it’s reportedly becoming more and more common among young men who simply cannot get aroused anymore.

Porn star says ISIS threatened to behead her

A porn star has revealed how ISIS threatened to behead her in sickening mocked-up execution photos.
Mia Khalifa – the number-one-ranked performer on Pornhub – was targeted by the bloodthirsty terror group on social media.
She claims they threatened to behead her in horrifying mocked up photos – but brave Mia is determined not to let it ruin her life.

Best man presents groom’s PornHub history during wedding speech! (VIDEOS)

One of the most difficult parts of being someone’s best friend is the day you have to wrack your brains and write a wedding speech.

Whether you’re a best man or a maid of honour, your speech will be considered a focal point of a reception, so you really have to put the effort in.