Global Lockdown a Boon for Romania’s Adult Live Cam Providers

Their company, Studio 20 Double D, was ticking along nicely, but then COVID-19 struck and Manole was flooded with job applications and new clients.

"Applications increased by 100 per cent and the number of users doubled," Manole told BIRN.

"Ours is a business that works in a situation like this."

Romania is a global leader in adult live camming.

Study shows 37 percent of teens addicted to internet

A couple of youngsters check their smartphones while sitting on the steps at Syntagma Square in central Athens. A new study has found that 37 percent of teenagers demonstrated signs of internet addiction in 2019, compared to 13 percent in 2013. Meanwhile, more than 30 percent said they suffered online harassment in 2019, up from 20 percent in 2013.

New Facebook Rules: Highly Manipulated or the So-Called Deepfakes Videos to be Banned

The social network Facebook announced that it is banning the so-called. "Deepfake", the BTA quoted the Associated Press reported. Deepfake is an AI-based technology used to produce or alter video content so that it presents something that didn't, in fact, occur. This is a step in the fight against Internet fraud, the agency notes.

More than 300 People from Over 12 Countries Arrested after Authorities Took a Child Pornography Site Down

Hundreds of people around the world have been arrested after a child pornography site in the Dark web was taken down by authorities in March 2018. The site has been selling child sexual abuse videos for Bitcoins.

The charges were brought against 337 users from 12 different countries. Among the accused is the alleged head of the site, 23-year-old South Korean Jong Woo Son.

Young woman arrested over child porn released from custody

An 18-year-old woman who had been arrested last week in the region of Halkidiki, northern Greece, on charges of peddling pornographic videos and images of three underage girls, including her 5-year-old half-sister, over the internet, was released conditionally on Thursday pending her trial.

Four arrested in child porn crackdown

Officers of the Greek Police's cyber crime squad have arrested four Greek men as part of an operation code-named "Uncover" aimed at cracking down on child pornography, it emerged on Saturday.
The arrests followed several months of investigation and came after raids on four properties in Athens and one in the Peloponnese earlier this month.

Nearly 100,000 Computers Spreading Child Pornography Were Found in Russia

They are established by the US non-governmental organization "Coalition for the Rescue of Children", reported NOVA TV. 
The US-based Coalition for the Rescue of Children, which helps law enforcement officials from different countries to establish online pedophiles, has found nearly 100,000 computers in Russia spreading child pornography, according to BGNES.