Post-Soviet conflicts

Ukraine sent an open message to Russia: "Pull back"

"If Russian officials are serious when they say they don't want a new war, Russia must continue diplomatic engagement and pull back military forces it amassed along Ukraine's borders and in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine", Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Twitter.
"Diplomacy is the only responsible way," Kuleba added.

"We hope Russia doesn't play games"

"As you have heard from the Secretary of State, the National Security Adviser and others, we do not know if the Russians are playing diplomatic games, but we hope they are not playing. Our intention is to seriously move diplomacy forward so that its doors remain open and if the Russians are ready for that, they will move through diplomacy," said a White House spokeswoman.

China has Informed the US it does Not Want Escalation of Tensions over Ukraine

China has told the United States it wants to keep all countries involved in the crisis in Ukraine calm and avoid escalating tensions, while Washington has called for de-escalation and warned of security and economic risks in the event of Russian aggression, Reuters reports.

CNN: The United States is Considering Sending up to 1,000 Troops to Bulgaria

The United States and its allies are considering the deployment of troops in NATO's Eastern European countries as a precautionary measure against a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was reported by CNN, citing officials of the US administration.

NATO will Expand its Military Presence in Eastern Europe

US: Winter Olympics likely to Impact Putin's Military Planning in Ukraine

Ahead of the Winter Olympics that is set to begin on February 4 in Beijing, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on Wednesday (local time) suggested that the Olympics could affect Russian President Vladimir Putin's calculations over a possible invasion of Ukraine.