Next two months critical; we need to flatten the curve

The next two months will be critical. We will remember them for the rest of our lives. I would like to offer a few pieces of information, under the burden of my professional capacity as a statistician who is working in crisis modelling and simulation, and the additional burden of the dearth of data that we have for this new virus.

Cambridge Analytica: CEO Suspended, Zuckerberg Called to Testify in U.K. over Facebook's use of Data

LONDON — The head of Trump-affiliated data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica has been suspended, while government authorities are bearing down on both the firm and Facebook over allegations the firm stole data from 50 million Facebook users to manipulate elections.

Time capsule from 1995 discovered in an Australian bathroom – with eerie predictions that came true

Nostradamus has got nothing on this. 

22-years ago Greg Wilkinson probably didn’t consider himself to be one of the great seers of our lifetime, but he can certainly call himself that now.

Back in 1995, he wrote a letter, speculating on what might happen in the near future and buried it in a wall of a house in Sydney, Australia.