Premiership of Theresa May

Boris Johnson about to Make Changes in the British Government

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make changes to the government tomorrow, according to his office, cited by the France Press. These will be the first ministerial shifts in the UK since Brexit.

It is reported that Johnson wants to focus on domestic politics and reduce the number of ministers.

Queen Elizabeth: The New Government's Top Priority is to Deliver Brexit on January 31st

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's top priority is to deliver Brexit on January 31st and then negotiate a free trade agreement with the European Union and other leading global economies, Queen Elizabeth said on Thursday outlining plans for a new UK government, reports BNR.

Johnson: There Will Be no Brexit without a Deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to exclude Brexit without a deal possibility in a manifesto prepared by his Conservative Party, British newspapers, including the Times, reported. 

The prime minister's manifesto will focus on "getting Brexit done immediately" by pushing his "fantastic" deal through the Commons as soon as MPs return, The Sunday Times reported.